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Category Age
Infants 0-11 months
Pre-Toddlers 12m-17m
Toddlers 1 18m-23m
Toddlers 2 24m-35m
Pre-Schoolers 3-4 years
Schoolers 5-12 years
After Schoolers All categories

Our curriculums are age appropriate.

Daily Activities

Infant Daycare.

Teaching Your Infant to Play to Learn (6 weeks to 12 months).

At Nite Owl Child Care Centers LLC, we know that every moment with an infant is important and valuable. Through simple games, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants grow in areas like:



The Beginning Steps Program (12 to 18 months).

Channeling Toddler Energy toward Learning Toddlers. At Nite Owl Child Care Centers LLC, we welcome that energy and excitement. It’s a natural part of growth and learning. We’ll channel that energy into:


Toddlers 1

The Exploration Station Program, (Discovery and Dreams) (18-23 months).

Children are opening their eyes to the world around them and take an active role. At Nite Owl Child Care Centers LLC, we encourage this development and give them the guidance and tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable and secure environment.


Toddlers 2

The Early Learners Program. (24 to 36 months).

Childrens are more curious. Curiosity that we use to teach them to learn and grow. Within our home-like classrooms, your older toddler is free to be anything from an artist to an engineer.

Pretend playing, learning games, participating in hands-on activities — these learning games, participating in hands-on activities — these are just a few of the ways we keep kids engaged. Development a number of key areas.



The Skill Builders Program. (3 to 4 years).

At Nite Owl Child Care Centers LLC, our Skill Builders Program for children ages 3-4 encourages growth and learning with days filled with active and fun activities.

Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are built through activities that engage children. It’s all fun, and all done with a purpose.



The Kindergarten Connection Program. (5-6 years).

Oh Ready ! Kindergarten is an important and exciting step for children and parents. At Nite Owl Child Care Centers LLC, much of what we have done in previous years has all been leading up to it. In this step, children will focus on:


After School Programs

Making Kindergarten the Best First Experience for Your Child. (6 -12 years).

We open from Monday to Sunday